Game Servers

Game Server packages include an extensive gamepanel with
pre-installed mods/maps, Instant set up, Monitoring, Friendly Personal Technical Support.
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Voice Servers

Gaming-Solutions offer voice servers with all codecs available, Full access via a web based control panel, Full Administrator rights.
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We know how hard it can be to start a new clan. We've setup packages with everything you will need to start a gaming clan.
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1. The following provisions shall apply to all of our distribution and services presented by us .. 

2. a. All payments made in the name of our standing bank / Paypal. 

b. The cost of payment and recovery both the judicial and the outside judicial shall be borne by the buyer. 

c. Our invoices are payable within 15 days of invoice unless otherwise stated. 

d. Any amount that remains unpaid at maturity, will automatically, without notice to interest calculated on the basis of the Belgian statutory rate plus 2%, with a minimum rate of 12%. 

e. The non-payment at maturity of a single invoice, the balance due of all the others, even expired invoices, automatically immediately due and payable. 

3. a. The invoices and quotes prices are in Euro and are subject to change. 

b.Het exchange rate risk is borne by the buyer. 

4. a. The orders as soon as possible according to available resources, processing and production capabilities implemented. 

b. If we by circumstances beyond our fault prevented our obligations, we can suspend execution of the agreement as long as the conditions persist or agreement by written notice to the client end. 

c. The delay in delivery may in no circumstances give rise to cancellation of order. 

d. If our confidence in the creditworthiness of the buyer shocked by acts of judicial execution against the purchaser and / or other identifiable events, the confidence in the smooth implementation of the commitments assumed by the buyer in question and / or impossible to retain we reserve the right, even if the goods have been wholly or partially shipped, the order or a portion thereof, to suspend the buyer's appropriate safeguards requirements. If the buyer refuses to accept this, we reserve the right to order the whole or part to cancel. All this without prejudice to our rights to all damages and interest. 

e. If the buyer the goods belonging to us, even processed, resell, he from now on our property for the purposes of all claims arising out of such resale. 

5. a. The buyer bears the risk of the goods from the time they handed him in our warehouses, or in case of transmission from the time when the movement begins. 

b. Subject to the obligation to replace or repair, as planned, we are not liable for any liability or damages. 

6. Complaints about missing or not ordered goods are us within 8 days to be reported. 

7. Unless otherwise agreed, we reserve the ownership of the goods sold by us until we have received full payment. 

8 The persen who rents the service bears the risk of the services from the time they handed him all info through email.

9. No modification of these conditions will be valid unless they are confirmed in writing and signed by the party that it will be bound. No change will be as accepted by the simple acknowledgment or acceptance of order, which otherwise indicated. 

ViTi Network GCV reserves the right to the General Conditions to be updated when deemed necessary.

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