Game Servers

Game Server packages include an extensive gamepanel with
pre-installed mods/maps, Instant set up, Monitoring, Friendly Personal Technical Support.
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Voice Servers

Gaming-Solutions offer voice servers with all codecs available, Full access via a web based control panel, Full Administrator rights.
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We know how hard it can be to start a new clan. We've setup packages with everything you will need to start a gaming clan.
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Why choosing for your gamehosting at
Personal support, livechat, tickets, mail,..
No silent renewal or
Interesting prices with best price / quality
WIthout hidden or extra
set-up costs
Years of experience & technical knowledge
Choose your own servername - debranded
No overselling, Get the max. out of your server
Server location in 12 countries worldwide
Stable network &
Top quality hardware


For online gamehosting you can count on our years of experience as professional game host with installing and configure gameservers. Together with us, online gaming becomes a real pleasure for you, your clan, your friends and even your enemies.

You can enjoy our excellent support and handy extra's for free like a very expanded gamepanel. Our gamepanel contains for example pre-installed items which makes installing mods and maps a child’s play for you.

Gameserver rental of the most popular games, but also of the oldest and newest games available on the market.
Our gamehosting hardware gets updated at regular base to use the newest technologies and gadgets to provide the best speed and performance of your game server. Our servers are located in professional datacenters that fits our strict requirements, a stable network with good international connections. You can choose the country of the game server yourself. The possibilities at this moment of our worldwide datacenter locations are United Kingdom, United States, France, Belgium, The Netherlands... . The price for your gamehosting in one of these locations are the same.

It can be that your clan has players from several countries, what makes it possible to request to try a server in advance to test the ping of a game server. It is always possible to contact us for that so we can install a testserver where in you can game a short period of time with your friends to see which location you prefer the most.
When you are satisfied concerning the network and quality you can keep the testserver after you place an order on our website.

Renting a gameserver can simply and fast by clicking on the image of the game you desire.

  • Info & Services Manage and controle the game server.
          Access on our GamePanel
  • Info & Services Start and stop the game server
  • Info & Services Restart the game server
  • Info & Diensten Backup and restore function (simple in 1 click)
  • Info & Services FileManager
  • Info & Services FTP access
  • Info & Diensten Server monitoring : automatic restart after crash
  • Info & Diensten Create subusers to share your GamePanel
  • Info & Diensten 1 click steam or punkbuster server updates
  • Info & Services No limits to install mods or maps
  • Info & Diensten Different pre-installed maps and mods packages
          available for easy install
  • Info & Services Fair use datatraffic
  • Info & Services Fair use mapspace
  • Info & Services Redirect - fast download available
  • Info & Services Free reinstall of the game server
  • Info & Services Free changing a gameserver. (If the game-price
         is different, the period will be recalculated)
  • Info & Services Good & fast support: contact form - email - msn -
          xfire - steam - tickets - live chat
  • Info & Services No setup costs & contract/subscription
Good To Know
  •    If you are looking for a package with two or more servers, its possible to provide us with the games you want + slots you need + private/public, and the periodtime you want to pay for at once. With those details, we can create an offer with interesting discount prices included.
  •    For a GameServer + VoiceServer pack, you can use this promocode GSVS1 . It gives you -10% extra discount on top of the default discounts.